May 1, 2011/ / VIDEOS/ Comments: 6

I don’t know much about Palace skateboards, but after watching their promo video shot around NYC, I’m backing them 100%. The grainy VHS camera, the sound track, the weird intro imagery that feels like I’m becoming brainwashed by some Russian propaganda film – I wouldn’t have it any other way. Forget what other companies tell you, THIS IS ACTUAL STREET SKATEBOARDING. Amazing lines though crowds, cracks, cars and other natural New York habitat. Leave the generators, lights and jigsaws at home.

The grainy bars and VHS not only bring out the 90’s nostalgia, but skateboarding in NYC isn’t smooth, perfect, so why should the footage be? If you are skateboarding ground zero why should you have some fuckin’ HD camera where someone can see every slow mo flick and landing like some fashion runway replay. It kind of makes stuff like this look like some sugarcoated Cali skate dreamland, tear jerking indie rock soundtrack included.


  1. marshalbanana

    March 16, 2014 11:58 pm

    Palace is rad, but come on…that Daryl Angel clip came out before the HD madness and got me pretty psyched in my younger days

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