July 17, 2014/ / VIDEOS/ Comments: 13

It’s common knowledge among skateboarders that “Shane O’Neill” is not human. We all know this. What is not common though, is getting a behind the scenes glance of him programming up at Street League. Here is very rare footage of the cyborg himself, updating ram and calibrating his tricks to the Chicago stop course.

You can see by the way he approaches the obstacles and his emotionless face that processing speed has been increased and he is potentially even running on the new Theta6™ operating system. Nike & Monster Energy have been secretly pumping a lot of money into this little piece of technology, so best watch this video before it gets taken down and terminated by the powers that be.


  1. Captain Howdy

    July 22, 2014 1:03 am

    Remember when someone found a mouse in their Monster “Energy” drink? Was that an homage to Girl Skateboards?

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