As we mentioned yesterday, we’ve been going to Tampa Pro for nearly a decade now but this time around was special for us. We had an opportunity to partner up and build something for the Cons Concrete Jam, so we sat around, picked our noses and let our imaginations run wild.

There were a few dumb ideas, like, “Best Trick Over the Jenkem Poo Pit” and “Highest Wallride On the Dick-stension” but they ended up being too simple and potentially boring. It wasn’t till someone jokingly blurted out, “What if we just make a mini Tampa stripclub?” when it all started to make sense. A giant plexiglass extension, with lights and dancers behind the glass? And just like that, the Jenkem VIP Room aka the Jenkem Thot Box aka the Jenkem Portable Party Extension was born.

Here’s the artistic sketch in all it’s glory. As soon as we thought of the idea, I sent this to Brian Schaefer [Founder of Skate Park of Tampa]. He’s the dude who had to actually had to get this thing ready and built.

And voilĂ ! Skate Park of Tampa really did make some magic happen from that terrible sketch.

Once the contest started going, we decided to try to light the top of the extension on fire. We only had a small bottle of lighter fluid and it wasn’t burning too heavy, so I was desperately trying to squeeze a little bit more action out of it. Cliche? Sure. But everything’s still better with fire.

Pirate man Charlie Blair took over fiya duties as the jam was winding down. After the lighter fluid was drained, he joined the dancers inside the extension and mooned the crowd, which was when the announcer called time on the contest. We get it, seeing a grown man’s hairy ass crack probably shouldn’t be something that goes on for too long…

To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Jake Wooton up until I was standing five feet away from him putting down the heaviest tricks throughout the whole thing (at least in my opinion). BS Boneless, Boneless in from the top deck, Indy transfer, FS Lip transfer… Psycho boy!

There’s a couple of tricks in skateboarding that if done properly are completely timeless. Backside smith grind is one of them, and frontside rock is definitely another. While everyone else was flying around, Tom kept it simple and classic.

Although he didn’t land it that night, Erick Winkowski snuck in the next day while everyone was hungover and went for the epic ho-ho. Luckily our friend Seu Trinh was there to capture it in all it’s handstandin’ glory. Probably our favorite trick to go down over the weekend.

Here it is again, in moving picture! Thanks everyone for the epic weekend and the two day hangover. Now… back to bed.


  1. BigshotdaveB

    March 8, 2017 9:44 pm

    That Ho-Ho was freaking amazing! Great articles guys made me feel like I went too.

  2. Mr. Kimball

    March 9, 2017 7:14 am

    “Ho-Ho” on a hooker aquarium. NBD.

  3. Somebody's Daughter

    March 10, 2017 8:54 am



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