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photo: herman jimenez

photo: herman jimenez

I respect Keelan Dadd – he’s got a hot girlfriend, enough money to fuck around with, and he’s not afraid to flaunt it. His girlfriend Sukie also has her own career, working for her dad’s loan processing company by day, and creating a full brand around her infamous ass by night. With their antics continually documented on Instagram, World Star and TMZ, I figured there was no better time to call them up and get the juicy details. As pro skaters continue to shy away from making waves in the industry, it’s skaters like Keelan, who for better or for worse, keep the skate drama exciting and aren’t afraid to show off their material wealth or indulgent lifestyle.

I see you sometimes refer to yourself as “#SwitchGod” – How did you get this name?
KEELAN: That came about around the time when the whole Lil B, Based God, Trap God was going on… Everything was god. My homeboy was just like, “shit, you should be switch god!” I thought it was cool and I’ve just been running with it since. Some adapt to it and some people don’t like it.

Do you think you’re the best switch skater in skateboarding?
KEELAN: I wouldn’t say that, you can’t really consider who is the best until everything is over and I don’t really think there is an end to skateboarding.

You’re also the “Prince of Ratchet” – what’s the most ratchet thing you’ve done?
KEELAN: [Laughs] Yeah, I got my ratchet moments, been through some ratchet days. Sukie [Keelan’s Girlfriend] said eating ass but I don’t think I agree with her. I’ve done some ratchet shit like bone a couple girls in one day and in one night.

Do you take a shower between boning them, or just keep it moving?
KEELAN: No shower, it was all in one day, one party.

Condom or no condom?
KEELAN: Condoms, I always use protection. Of course, safe sex.
SUKIE: He’s lying, he’s a liar! [laughs].

What’s the most ratchet thing you’ve done with Sukie, your girlfriend?
SUKIE: Maybe when we had sex in the car?
KEELAN: We fucked on the beach a few times. We fucked one of Sukie’s homegirls once.

What was it like having sex with Sukie’s friend?
KEELAN: Well that one was a full obsession. We actually got some porn girl that hit us up that’s trying to come over and hang out this week. She hit up Sukie and was like, “oh look at your butt you’re so cute,” and I’m the just the one in the back like yeah! Get’em to come over. It just goes from there.. If a chick is down with it and she’s hot enough, Sukie will let me bone her. I don’t know, people just look at us and know we’re not on some, “don’t look at my girl, don’t look at my dude,” type of shit. We keep it fun, people are attracted to that. Sukie is not on some hater type shit, so I can be myself.
SUKIE: I just watch.

Sukie, do you enjoy sitting there and watching? Do you get off to it?
SUKIE: I do get off to watching them.
KEELAN: Sometimes she pressures me [laughs]. We were to Europe a little while ago, and we went to the legal, buy a girl situation, their Red-Light district, and she was like, “get a girl!” and I was not feeling it and she was like, “c’mon get it!!” I think she’s more into it than I am now. That shit is pretty dope.

So you don’t get jealous if Keelan is with another chick?
SUKIE: If he’s with another chick while I’m there, it’s all cool. If he’s with another chick behind my back, then we’ll have a problem. We’re always honest with each other, always.

What is Switchgod’s favorite type of girl?
KEELAN: I like all girls. Girls that don’t have dumb attitudes… But if she does have a dumb attitude, she’s gotta have a hell of a look to go with it.

How long have you been together if you don’t mind me asking ?
KEELAN: We‘ve been dating three years. We actually met through mutual friends.
SUKIE: He just saw that ass and knew he had to say what’s up. I played hard to get.

Did you guys sleep together on the first date?
SUKIE: I got so drunk! I don’t do that, I didn’t sleep with anybody for like 9 months and then I slept with Keelan.
KEELAN: I was the prince of ratchet at an all time high.

Sukie, what’s the best thing about dating Keelan?
SUKIE: The best thing about dating Keelan? His private parts [laughs]. He’s a really cool person, he taught me how to love myself and is helping me build a relationship with my parents. That’s one of the best things, he helped me as a person. And his privates… I like his balls. I like to lick them.

photo: herman jimenez

photo: herman jimenez

You have a new brand you just started called Honey, how did you get the name for it?
KEELAN: Honey, what it basically is – it’s sweet but also dangerous. You know, a bee is super on edge and a storm of bees could take a person out but at the same time they produce honey and that’s just natural greatness.

I saw a pic of you guys driving a Benz. Is that yours?
KEELAN: Yeah we got a Benz, we actually may get another one today, because Sukie just crashed her Benz.
SUKIE: Somebody crashed into me!
KEELAN: Alright, somebody crashed into her, so she has to get another one.

How much is a Benz?
KEELAN: A Benz is like $50,000, $60,000… they’re cheaper nowadays. I got an e550, Sukie is about to get the same one, but a 4-Door. We have matching color cars. We will race, I’m always driving fast already. I like to go fast, I thought I was a racer, I’d try and do donuts, I should try and get on the track!

What’s the fastest you’ve gone before?
KEELAN: The fastest I’ve driven was 170 [miles per hour]… It was on a back street, like a straight away in the desert, it was really sketchy because the car wasn’t in the best condition… It was a 96 Chevrolet Caprice, it had a police package and other shit, I pushed it to see what I could get it up to. The shocks were really sketchy and I was trying to film it at the same time too. It was bad. Trying to film the speed in one hand, driving with the other, I knew people wouldn’t have believed me if I didn’t film it. I got scared at 170. The car started shaking and I didn’t know what would happen, that’s why I was in the desert to not put anyone else in danger.

photo: herman jimenez

photo: herman jimenez

I saw video of you going to a skatepark and giving out free product. Do you do that often?
KEELAN: Whenever I’m sitting on a lot of extra product I will. I’m a greedy guy, but I’m not greedy to people that need stuff. So when I lived in Palmdale, whenever I’d go out I’d try and hook up kids at the skatepark. Because I remember being a kid and thinking, man, I wish somebody would give me something because my shit is fucked up. And now I’m in a position where I can help out kids and it’s just something I feel I should be doing. Seeing their face and just having that one on one moment with a kid – that’s something I’m really into. I grew up with Pharmacy Board Shop so they had like Bryan Herman, Matt Allen, Leo Romero and these guys that would always leave product at the shop, so yeah, that’s kind of where I got it from. Pharmacy taught me to not be greedy and hook people up if you can.

You left DGK recently? What’s the deal? I heard it was because you were unhappy with the pay?
KEELAN: Actually the pay and stuff was good. It was more of, I’ve been with DGK for a long time and at this point in my life I’m just ready for change, ready to better myself and I just wasn’t so down with the direction that the brand is going nowadays. It caters to a young crowd and I’m here for the kids but at the same time, I’m an adult and I was trying to make it to a point where I could satisfy all the people that are into me. We just weren’t coming to an agreement so the decision I made was to leave. I was approached about an apparel brand a little while ago and I thought it’d make sense to take the chance and just basically be a part of something that I can have a say in the direction and the whole look of the company. Take control over what I’m trying to do. I’m just here to grow.

Is it true you were making $10,000 a month riding for DGK?
KEELAN: Yeah, well basically how I was saying with the whole direction, it’s funny that people will believe whatever they hear or see, but money was not the issue. $10,000 a month is a decent amount of money. That was for a full DGK package [Being sponsored by DGK boards and DGK apparel]. I was willing to take a cut from that. I was even trying to take a pay cut to make it work just so I was sponsored for riding the boards or whatever. Basically I was just trying to show my support and my loyalty for the brand, and I was willing to take a pay cut, to do what I do. With that being said, after talking, it still did not work out. The money was not the issue, I can say that over and over.

I have to ask – what about this text message apparently from you that circulated around the internet, saying money was the issue?
KEELAN: Oh yeah, I saw that but you know, it’s 2014, our phones talk to us… you can create any name that you want for any contact and you can take a picture of whatever you want. Like I said, people will believe anything that they see or what they hear. I’ll say believe what you will, there’s a lot of bullshit out there. I mean, it looks like a text, but I don’t know who put that shit out there. I can make a screenshot of your name saying whatever and put any name that I want on it, right now, you know?

photo: herman jimenez

photo: herman jimenez

Is it true that your girlfriend Sukie smoked weed in a G Pen out of her butt?
KEELAN: [Laughs] Yes, that was her. That probably is some of the craziest shit, I don’t think Johnny Knoxville ever got shit like that on camera. I mean we have some house games, we always keep it fun. She’s down to have fun and I’m a pretty fun guy.

You’ve been in the skate game for a minute what do you want to accomplish in the next couple years?
KEELAN: Just learning everything that I’m going through right now. Learning how the whole industry works. I just opened a skate shop, a new Pharmacy Board Shop location in Granada Hills, so I’m behind retail and seeing all that stuff. Basically just helping kids get the same opportunities I had when I was in the shops being a little shop rat, figuring out how to get sponsored, and getting them free stuff and that. I just want to create the same environment that the skateshop gave me when I was growing up – which was like, we got your back and we’ll guide you and show you how to do things throughout the skateboard industry. I just wanna learn as much as possible, give back as much as I can, own some stuff, have fun and live the skate dream.

Any last mentions?
KEELAN: Look for Honey coming out with more dope stuff, late next year, that’s pretty much that… Just know that there is never an end to Switch God.

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  1. bangerbill

    December 16, 2014 2:00 pm

    This comment said it best:

    “Keelan and his girl are the Kim and Kanye of the skateworld”


  2. 666

    December 16, 2014 2:01 pm

    good for him. im tired of all these skaters acting like pussys. keelan, live it up.

  3. philly rat

    December 16, 2014 2:46 pm

    keelan is that en-word

  4. SteveMilla

    December 16, 2014 2:46 pm

    It’s impossible to not see through this bullshit self proclaimed “god, king, prince” of whatever mentality. This fucking dude is delusional.

    I won’t even touch the “switch god” thing with a fucking 50 foot pole, because… Well…. FUCK…

    But let’s talk about this. Your the self proclaimed “Prince of Ratchet”. (I needed to urban dictionary to cross reference your bullshit, and fucking hell)

    What’s the most ratchet thing you’ve done with Sukie, your girlfriend?
    SUKIE: Maybe when we had sex in the car?

    SEX IN A CAR!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me dude!?!?! My parent’s were fucking nerdy white people who went to church, and I was conceived in a car… My fucking dad was a goddamn BOY SCOUT! Not some bull shit self proclaimed “king of ratchet”, I think his exact title was “Accounts Payable Administrator at Sears”.

    Your girl smokes weed out of her ass… She is ratchet. You…. You are the “Prince of Self Proclaimed Bullshit”.

    Also, on a side note… You claimed to have left DGK because they were catering to KIDS and you’re an ADULT, and yet… BABY SCUMBAG was your first choice for a team rider…. FUCK DUDE…..

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