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What starts as your typical art nerd independent skateboard film turns into something a bit more unique. Besides, anyone that takes a skate video logo and adds a bunch of funny dick drawings to it is good in my book. Our advice: drop the artsy emo intro and run straight to the raw shit at 1:25. The skating is great, the second song fits well and with a name like Fully Flaccid – gotta give them a gold star.

Q & A with the filmmaker Jake Todd

Do you guys have any advice for someone who is always fully flaccid?
Keep that shit movin, get that heart rate up. Extenze.

How did you come up with the title of the video?
Well actually Matt Militano would always make fun of that Bear Grylls parody video on Youtube. It’s funny cause I’ve never seen it but he would always make fun of it where the guy in it talks about something going to fully flaccid. And we also thought I’d be funny to make fun of Fully Flared.

Why do you hate Lakai and Fully Flared so much?
I don’t hate Lakai or Fully Flared at all dude. Fully Flared was just so cheesy. Just came off as Ty Evans just tried too hard to make it seem epic and slow mo-everything. But the skating in that video is fucking crazy can’t deny that.

What would you do if the Lakai team sent you a letter and was angry with your movie title?
Lighten up, its not that serious haha, and would also be proving my point that skate videos are starting to get too serious. That’d be mad funny if that actually happened though.

What does your mom or dad think of the video?
My mom doesn’t know what flaccid means, I think. She saw the promo and everything and no reaction, and usually she calls me out on shit like that. And my dad couldn’t give two shits.

Is your mom illiterate? Flaccid isn’t that uncommon a word… or is it?
I dunno I feel like kids in the 70’s n 80’s weren’t talking about flaccid dicks, I could be wrong…

Why should someone that lives in NY or Venus or Mars care about your independent film?
I just hope people like the change up from the cookie cutter independent videos these days. I dunno like Buster O’shea is tight his videos are so sick, same with Mulhern and Jackson Casey. But I feel like every other independent video is like, new hip indie song, artsy b roll and super slow mo. Now I’m not saying I don’t do any of that stuff, I’d by lying if I did. But I don’t over use that shit and make it my whole video. My whole purpose of the two songs in my promo were the first song is the epic slow mo get hype bullshit and the second song was shred, party, girls making out, eat shit, fuck it, raw type deal. Anyways I just hope people get something different out of my video then they do with other videos. I wanna show skating before, during, and after the session if that makes sense.

Isn’t that exactly how your video starts? With a, “new hip indie song, artsy b roll, super slow mo”..
Yeah, haha, I said I’d be lying if I said i didn’t do that shit, but I don’t try and base my whole video off that. Too cliche, cheesy, and boring. Gotta switch it up. I try to do shit that people will like and I wont hate my self for doing later if that makes sense.

Have you ever had sex and been fully flaccid the whole time?
Haha not yet, but hopefully by the premiere night that’ll change

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  1. miles

    February 13, 2012 2:37 pm

    thankyou for alerting me to the bear grylls born shit eater video. one of the funniest things ive ever seen!

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