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Tired of going to skate spots and getting snaked?

Are all the “good skaters” cutting you? Skating the obstacles any way they want, pushing you aside while you wait your turn.. that never comes?
Don’t worry! Help is on the way! Introducing the ANTI-SNAKER, bringing law and order to chaotic skateparks everywhere!

Here’s how it works:

Setup the ANTI-SNAKER at your park and watch, as it AUTOMATICALLY retrieves skater’s names via Facebook, and creates a skate session order, JUST LIKE IN STREET LEAGUE! Yup that’s right, no more looking at other skaters, nodding your heads or waving them in like crosswalk cops. No more getting bullied. No more getting ignored! Because now every skater is told when to skate, and what to skate AT ALL TIMES!

But wait!? How does this stop Snakers???:

Rebellious Snakers might try and cut the line, but the ANTI-SNAKER is too smart. If in the case of cheating or out of order skating, a red light and blaring siren will IMMEDIATELY take effect. When this happens, the skatepark owner will instantly know the cheater’s name, who he cut, and can take easy steps to ERADICATE THEM from the skatepark.


Let’s review why you need this must have item:

– Eliminates snaking!
– Just like Street League ( TV STYLE!!)
– An “equal opportunity” product
– Mom friendly
– MILF friendly
– Gets rid of “skater rebels”
– Affordable price!

If you want your park to be run like the Wild West, where Snakers and criminals RUN-A-MUCK, continue doing what you are doing. If you want to be a equal opportunity skatepark run with respect, law and order.. order now before it’s too late.



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  1. Some Asian Kid

    December 28, 2011 1:02 pm

    Hahaha “unknown black gangster” and lil wanye

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