While footwear brands shit out shoe colorways faster than we can skate through them, the real deal pro model (with an original shoe design) is way more rare and special these days.

Which is why we hopped on a plane to Los Angeles with the Converse team to catch some real-life sunlight, eat tacos, and meet up with Louie to celebrate the release of his new pro shoe.

Louie was rewarded for his decade of amazing skateboarding and not becoming a cocky pile (as young pro skaters can become) with his own custom shoe and a new Thunderbird 1965 car. And just to make sure no one forgot what belonged to who, CONS customized Louie’s name on the license plate, full Hollywood style.

After the hangovers cleared, we hit up Louie to unwind. We ended up skating The Most LA Spot of All Timeā„¢, went ax throwing for some stress relief, and capped it off with an ender sesh at his private park, which he’ll have for the next month.

Watch Louie nail approximately 1 bullseye, then go try it for yourself at home with some shitty knives at the bottom of your drawer.


  1. why?

    January 22, 2019 3:34 pm

    hahahaha organized ax throwing for all the urban lumberjacks!!!


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