We’d like to introduce you to your new stepdad, Adult Inc. skateboards. The lovechild of longtime Jenkem contributor and overall good human Anthony Pappalardo. Adult Inc., who sponsors New York’s DIY godfather Jerry Mraz, is sure to put you young park rats into place.

No, we aren’t talking about that Pappalardo, we’re talking about the Anthony who you may have seen write dozens of skaterelated thoughts across magazines, books, and the world wide web. He’s been developing Adult over the past year or so on the hush hush, so in our excitement of finding out about his secret project we decided to hit him with the homie-hookup and give him a little bump on our site.

But how about you let him give you a quick snapshot and backstory on why skateboarding may benefit from another board company. Check out the promo and remember, it’s never too late to turn little kid dreams into big kid realities.

The Back Story

“As I was approaching my twilight years, my friend Cortney Miner at Blitz distribution called to say they wanted to do a new brand. I got off the phone mostly excited, but a bit confused. There were too many brands, board companies don’t make money, and despite it always being a childhood dream, I didn’t have any idea what I’d do if given the keys. Then I realized I was overthinking it.

I went to Active.com and looked at all the deck brands alphabetically — what worked, what didn’t, what was cool, what was corny. I emailed my illustrator / designer friend Noah Butkus to swap .jpegs of weird shit and toss names around, and we landed on Adult Inc.

The idea was simple: As a kid, all you want is the access “grown-ups” have to shit, then you grow up and it sucks. We didn’t want to give it away, but rather let you peep through the keyhole. Looking for weird shit online is cool, but finding a bag of sketchy Polaroids in the woods is cooler, unless they’re all of a hairy guy pissing (which happened to me when I was 13).

I approached Jerry Mraz, who seemed like the perfect Adult, then he turned me onto Jake Baldini. Rob Ridge suggested Orchard ripper Frankie Nash and Cortney said Brian Douglas would be down so boom: We had a squad. Blitz distribution went away but we already had ~200 board graphics, so fuck it. I have a credit card and a hypothetical brand, let’s roll.

‘Back Pages’ is a mix of VX and HD…but whatever, no more mixed up than being an adult.”



Jerry Mraz
Frankie Nash
Brian Douglas
Jake Baldini


  1. ApplesauseVX

    January 14, 2018 8:06 pm

    Mraz is a legend but lets be real
    These guys aint gud enuf
    If i can do stuff your filming your not gud enuf

  2. B

    January 20, 2018 1:12 am

    Kind of biased against because of some of his “op ed pieces” Lou Miami was a nice touch tho

  3. Fine

    January 25, 2018 6:25 am

    Whats the first song ?

  4. nick

    January 31, 2018 8:41 am



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