In a world where print media’s impact and page counts are shrinking, it doesn’t seem like the most logical thing for The Berrics, one of skateboarding’s most trafficked websites to purchase one. Or is it?

In a classic buy low move, The Berrics now has acquired some portion of The Skateboard Mag. The news broke via a few Instagram posts and this quote from TSM’s co-owner J. Grant Brittain, “We started a new endeavor, The Skateboard Mag is under The Berrics skateboarding umbrella.”

It’s speculated that The Skateboard Mag in print will indeed stay intact, and their website will continue, but instead of just churning out the news, they will be focusing on creating high quality original TSM content.

But there’s more to this than TSM simply shifting over to The Berrics, as the new collaboration potentially opens up a ton of revenue streams for both parties. This acquisition gives The Berrics a valuable digital asset which can help them better allocate their content to either site, and gives them a print outlet, with minimal risk. Having access to a skilled staff of photographers, filmers, and writers from The Skateboard Mag to beef up their already deep staff is huge too. Huge in terms of amplification and opportunity, as The Berrics now has much more to offer brands than just banner ads and video on their already massive site—they now own a print outlet and a secondary website. By buying into a print—a industry on assisted breathing—they can actually make a shit load of cash.

This isn’t just about the Berrics starting, owning, or influencing a magazine, it’s about filling in the holes in their overall content plan. Print exists, so they might as well have a presence, even if it only appeals to a niche audience. After all, if we’ve learned anything from 2014, niche audiences are the new mass market. The Skateboard Mag has always been a bit unconventional and carved out their own voice, so will this new influx of money change what appears on the actual pages of the mag?

Are we going to see really extensive “Battle Commander” profiles/interviews in the magazine now, or will it just have more pages due to more ad revenue? You also have to wonder if Berra’s often polarizing opinions on the skate industry will spill over into the content. Berra’s not shy, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see his views influence TSM—he’s not just going to float money to something and sit back.

Don’t forget, he once called bullshit on the voting behind Thrasher’s SOTY award. Despite not being a public park, The Berrics model is interactive, with a lot of the content coming from the audience via social comments, emails, texts, or even their bodies as with Pros Vs. Joes contest. It won’t be a shocker if they leverage TSM to create a truly reader / viewer selected Skater of The Year and take a little jab at Thrasher in the process.

This also puts the heat on Transworld, as they’re now competing in the same space and only have their business coverage angle and heritage to set them apart. If this new partnership works, it could actually hurt TWS by taking away some ad dollars or at least make them think about aligning themselves differently.

As someone whose career began in print, it’s nice to see another mag stay alive and keep people working, rather than using their skills to sell shit they don’t care about. Print as we knew it is dead, but it’s not totally going away because it has value because you can put an ad on it. It’s another place to deliver a message from a brand. With their already massive website and now the addition of a print outlet, secondary website and access to The Skateboard Mag staff, The Berrics are positioned to be even bigger players in the skate world than most realize.


  1. fuckit

    October 17, 2014 5:17 am

    Personally I like what the berrics is doing for skating. There’s way too much bullshit in skating these days and its getting on my nerves. I really feel like skating needs a bigger voice in society and the Berrics helps provide that voice. Living on the east coast and dealing with bullshit backwoods towns its crazy to see some other NC kids like Cody Whitt on a national stage and able to get their names out there. Unlike you dumbass hipsters scratching around your local curbs, the Berrics has done a shit ton for positive skate exposure. And the Skateboard mag has done alot to help expose unknown and underrated skaters like John Motta, who in my opinion, is one of the best skaters out right now. Say what you want, fgts, but I really dont see any of you cord wearing dunk buying morons doing anything for skating. In fact you are doing the exact opposite. You’re tearing it down, wishing it ends so you can have some kind of moral superiority. well bring that moral superiority to the Triad in NC, where you have to pay out the ass to skate anything decent or risk dealing with the overzealous cops in downtown Winston or Greensboro. You people make me sick. Get your own shit going if you dont like the Berrics. Oh wait, you can’t. You’re nothing. All you can do is sit on the fucking sidelines and hate on two pros who have been in the game longer than you’ve been alive. Who have been more places and done more things with this artform than any of us could ever imagine. I got to meet Koston and talk to him about his projects back in 2010. I didn’t fully fan out when he was talking to me, but i did appreciate what he does and how much he has accomplished in the industry. So yeah, none of you morons could hold a candle to these two. if they wanted to buy out all of skating they could and I wouldn’t lose any sleep. Because I know skating would be in good hands. I know that Eric Koston, one of the best of all times, would continue to hold it down. So please, STFU and get your own shit. God Im sick of this bullshit. And why would Marc fucking Johnson, who is on the same team as Koston, want to destroy the Berrics? God I am sick of this bullshit hipster skate journalism.

    • Bianca

      October 20, 2014 6:14 am

      Yo bromie, go beastmode and fuck off

    • oliver

      October 22, 2014 6:12 am

      fuckit,i dont think koston and berra need a pro-bono lawyer,man.please,stop trying!
      skateboard mag was the one that declared skateboarding was dead in the 80s when vert died but kept publishing bmx and snowboarding and stuff like that that was worth to invest in.

  2. Join the club

    October 17, 2014 11:28 am

    This does not suck. Jocks wear thrasher shirts at my fuckin school they get from the mall. Nuff said

    • Bummer

      October 21, 2014 10:23 am

      I know, I don’t even wear Thrasher anymore. Every Odd Future kid at school is wearing Thrasher head to toe, yet they cant name their favorite article or picture from the last three magazines. Hell, they can’t even name their favorite part that has came out on Thrasher in the last month… Disgrace. Can’t even name their 5 favorite pros that are not on Street League. Super bummed out about that.

  3. gry4943

    October 17, 2014 2:23 pm

    Anytime there is an article made by a skateboarding news website that talks about business or anything that involves strategy or using your brain, there is always comments made by skateboarders that sounds like it was made by a kid that dropped out of school in the 5th grade. Jesus Christ, skateboarders are unbelievably stupid and delusional to how this country works. We need to have some sort of college for skateboarders to go to for free.

  4. nahbro

    October 18, 2014 1:34 am

    haha fuck koston’s arrogance and berra’s stupidity, not gonna buy this mag anymore…cunts