ONLINE PREMIERE: November 17th, 9:00PM EST – online for 24 hours.

SECIII is an independent skate vid out of Atlanta Georgia, filled with a ton of up and comers and a bunch of funny shit you will appreciate on a Saturday night or a hungover Sunday morning.

A Video by: Matt Mazza and Max Yoder

Featuring: Josh Butler, Dustin Hart, Jordan Smith, Travis Glover, Andrew Edge, Skyler Clark, Dakota Plumley, Cory Gunn, Gary Sargent, Zeke Logan, Alex Dixon, Mckenzie Goff, Matt Mazza, Max Yoder, Zak Newman, and Catnip.

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  1. DG:

    That last spot had Jaime Thomas written all over it and what about that wired spin with the crack in it. Sick spots.

  2. SHAQ:

    Just saw this on the youtube account..looks good…Jenkem Mag…….can you dig it?!?

  3. FBD:

    I’m gunna enjoy this.

  4. mr.shitt:

    i’ll b there suckers!

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