Several months back, we here at Jenkem investigated the skateboarder known as Shane O’Neill. Between the perfect bolt landings, super technical bag of tricks and limited set of facial expressions, we knew there was something odd. Something unreal – He was just too good.

Our research team was able to uncover the real reason: Shane O’Neill isn’t human. Yes, Shane aka ZIGRAM23 is a high-tech biorobot, developed back in 1989 and designed to be the most sophisticated and technologically advanced skateboarder ever. We were given the chance months ago to interview him in the underground Multinex lab deep in Austrailia about his programming code and RAM capacity, but it only touched the surface of the groundbreaking story.

Today we make history once again, releasing the trailer to announce our full length documentary investigating the robotic phenomenon entitled: “ZIGRAM23 The First Skateboard Cyborg”.

“ZIGRAM23: The First Skateboard Cyborg” coming June 2016
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  1. Nut sack:

    fucking hilarious

  2. That was awesome!

  3. Phil:

    You guys are awesome. Keep on keeping skateboarding fun!

  4. the mac:

    jenkem FTW, keep it up lmao

  5. ジャケット コロンビア

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