If you’re like us and enjoy a lot of poo related humor, then Tim O’Connor is your man. He might not have much new footage due to constant ankle problems, but thankfully he has one huge redeeming quality: his mouth. Whether he’s verbally bashing people on the mic at Tampa Am or writing goofy rants on Twitter, you can count on him to keep skateboarding what it should be: not that serious.

Special Thanks: Tim O’Connor
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  1. DG:

    The anthem one was a bit funny but sad at the same time… The best thing though is the L RON HUBBARD name. Yeahhhh for scientology!

  2. armin halvadzic:

    damn. I feel like I’m not gonna play SKATE anymore at all. It’s to mainstream.

  3. buttfacemcgee:

    When I saw “…a poop so big they had to spray their cornhole with Pam to dislodge it” I knew I had consumed way too much internet for one night.

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