1. Yo Flips
What started as an original style to do a 360 flip just exploded into the worst looking thing ever. The front foot catch isn’t even the problem here, it’s how that backfoot sprawls out, so you look like you are doing some magically gay karate kick. The worst types of people do this too. The dudes who are all worried about “steez” that go buy an overpriced Supreme hat and have 10 pairs of limited edition Supras at home.

2. Kickflip Sexchange
Anyone doing this trick over the age of 10 should just quit skating. It’s really that simple.

3. Nightmare flips
True story: Went to a crusty skatepark and had to deal with one of those kids who starts doing all these Youtube style tricks with horrible names, shit like: disco flips, dolphin flips…etc. As soon as he got to “nightmare flip” which is apparently a double varial flip, I just kept thinking, “WHY GOD WHY?!?” Kid should have been a rollerblader.

4. Slappy Nose Slides
You know the dudes that can’t really do a noseslide at all, so they put their front foot up all the way to the tip of the nose and tick tack onto the ledge? Yeah – I hope they die.

5. Willy Grinds
This “trick” shouldn’t have any other name except “I wish I could 50-50”.


  1. Kevin

    May 14, 2018 4:13 pm

    Don’t tell people how to fucking skate asshole

  2. Your mom's favorite skater darksliding in her backside

    February 22, 2019 8:00 pm

    The author of this article sounds like a pretentious asshat twat. Yes, “yo flips” look extremely retarded, as the best method for tre flips is to scoop your back leg up toward your butt with a bent knee as if you were preparing to kick a ball. “Yo flips” just look weird, but honestly until this article i had never heard the term “yo flip” before. Maybe it’s just some new school bullshit, as I grew up skating in the late 90s early 2000s when skating wasn’t trendy.

    “Nightmare flips” I’ve also never heard of, and while the name is pretty silly i think a double varial flip sound pretty sick, and anyone who could pull it off is a beast.

    “Willy grinds” are another trick I’ve never heard before, but essentially it looks like a reverse feeble or something, and i think it looks dope as hell. Not sure why the author is ragging on this one.

    I think the only trick here that really warrants this ragfest is the “kickflip sexchange”, as it definitely is a bit of a sophomoric trick that we all used to try as twelve year olds after playing lots of THPS2, but after your balls drop this becomes quite a risky trick, hence the name. Lol

    And “slappys” can be a really fun and stylish embellishment in a great skate run if done properly, but if you’re just some guy who can’t skate worth dick and does “slappys” for the simple fact that you cannot ollie into noseslides then you’re really just cheating yourself.

    All in all: i don’t think it’s cool to label certain tricks as stupid or lame because we shouldn’t tey to discourage anyone from picking up skateboarding, and we all had to start somewhere. Every single one of us was once a kid with their favorite parking lot with a couple curb hop manny pads, maybe a little three stair, or a small grass gap. Don’t be gatekeeper, unless people are legitimately 100% posers who simply want to look cool, but don’t actually try to improve.

  3. You’re dumb

    September 20, 2019 10:26 am

    The one who wrote this is HELLA TOXIC

  4. Chris

    March 30, 2020 1:27 am

    I agree on the kickflip if doing it in a line but I wouldn’t care if it’s just flat ground or game of skate