Mark Gonzales: Want to commit a travesty and be shunned by fellow skateboarders? Say something bad about Mark Gonzales. Actually it doesn’t even have to be bad, just next time Mark is brought up, be like, “yeah, he’s ok…” Just by calling The Gonz “OK” will get people to flip the fuck out and talk about how he invented street skating and scribbly artwork. He’s one of those dudes that people automatically know they should say they like regardless of whether or not they know anything about them, kinda like Radiohead or Bob Dylan.

Jason Lee: Another dude who was killing it while you were busy pooping your pants. Anyone under the age of twenty something that claims Jason Lee is their favorite skater is probably lying. The only reason these people rave about how awesome he is, is because they have seen him on TV, making big time screen appearances and oogle at the fact that they can tell people that he’s a former pro skater. They also love to prove to their parents that there is life after skateboarding other then doing drugs or becoming a team manager. Other then that, he has great style, lines and legendary backside flips but it’s not like people really care about this shit because it doesn’t score higher then a 9 on Street League.

Tom Penny: OK, so you saw this clip, where Rob Dyrdek rants and raves about how legendary Tom Penny is and how he “totally shut down this spot”. We know that Tom Penny in his hayday was amazing and is one of the most naturally gifted skateboarders ever. But just because he fucking killed it 10 years ago, doesn’t mean you have to be riding his dick hard in 2011. Translation: You are not any cooler if you like Tom Penny. Especially when his new footage looks like crusty b sides between bong hits. Fuck have you seen his recent shit? Nice N sloppy. What about Extremely Sorry? And you go on Slap and people are still like “LEGEND” or “THIS GUY CAN DO NO WRONG”. Buncha Zealots.
Words: James Lee


  1. Squeak Byrum

    September 8, 2019 10:58 am

    I am a firm in this if u talk it
    Whoever wrote this i know its humor
    But how dope is your skateboarding james lee?
    I dint know.2 many kids or adults biting james lees style
    What was your video part that defined you..


  2. Sec

    January 30, 2020 5:42 pm

    Jason Lee – ‘Other then that, he has great style, lines and legendary backside flips’

    It was/is his 360 flips… lost massive cool points forever here.

  3. Andres vercetti

    February 19, 2020 4:53 pm

    Gino Ianucci is another one

  4. Steven

    October 13, 2020 7:35 pm

    Personally all these skaters on this list are great in their own way. Penny had and still has an unbeatable style! Antwuan and appleyard kind of have his style but only in terms of laid back skating. Gonz and Lee in their prime were skaters who revolutionized a generation of new skaters because everyone wanted to be like them. Another thing is age with all these guys, theyre all well over 40 years old and can still hop on and ride, honestly what else is skatin all about? I do it because i love it and im sure thats what all three of these guys feel as well