There were a ton of emails and questions floating around after we posted this stupidly popular video, mostly, who was the girl skating the bowl at the end? Where did she learn to skate? Why wasn’t she ugly like most female skaters? So we did some research (heavy internet stalking) and got in contact with Joanna Mahaffy, the bowlrider at the end of the Playboy TV preview segment.

Turns out, Joanna is a rare breed of mainstream model, part actor and part skateboarder/snowboarder. If you were to type in her name you could find anything from a link to a red carpet party in Hollywood to a picture of her covered in blood semi-nude making a cameo in Creature’s mini movie, Bloodshed. Between her good looks, skating ability, willingness to try new stuff, and patience to deal with my annoying questions, I’m backing Joanna and hope we will be seeing more from her.

How did you get approached to do the Playboy.TV feature? How did they find out that you could actually skate? Did you only do that one bowl riding scene as shown in the trailer or do more stuff?
The segments I shot for Playboy TV’s Badass! were produced by 2headedhorse and they all skate. They were looking for a model who could skate and was comfortable being naked and making out with chicks; a mutual friend told them I would probably be down. I love to perform and skating is my favorite.

It was a really fun shoot. We did a downhill segment that Steve Olson makes an appearance in then went to that indoor park. There’s a lot of footage the trailer didn’t show including our breaking into the park and getting chased by the guard played by Clint Peterson. Let’s just say we girls got the better of him.

Since then, I’ve gotten to shoot several more Badass! segments including roller-derby, snowboarding, snowmobiling, trampoline tricks, and back yard summertime snowblowing and sledding. I’m not sure when those will be released so you can check Playboy.TV or my facebook or twitter account for those segments coming soon!


Who were the other models you made out with for the shoot?
Hmm.. I can’t remember. Definitely made out with Aiden Ashley at some point during that shoot, and Diana Diamond too.

Would you rather hookup with Alex Olson or Dylan Rieder?
Justin Bieber. Or wait, I don’t know if he’s 18 yet.

How did you initially get into skateboarding and learn to ride a bowl? Did you ever feel uncomfortable going to the skatepark the first couple of times?
Yes. The first time I went to a skatepark I was 21 years old. I love snowboarding so a friend of mine had set me up with a skateboard. I rolled down a bank, tried a kick-turn and immediately slammed. As I wiped the blood off elbow and knee, I knew I had found the home I’d been searching for. I skate because its fun and it feels good. Its a good outlet for my aggression and my adrenaline addiction, plus I don’t mind the pain. I love how available skateboarding is and that I don’t have to wake up early or deal with the elements to skate. Not much can get me as excited (and scared) as skating a new park or pool so I’ve been pushing myself on my board ever since.

”Whose balls would you rather cup, Dylan’s or Alex’s?”

If you could scissor any female pro skater who would it be?
I will tell you if you tell me whose balls would you rather cup? Dylan’s or Alex’s?

All time top 5 favorite skateboarders:
John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, Cara-Beth Burnside, Duane Peters, and my sister Laura because no one drives me to progress more than her.


During the filming of the creature video you were a “bloodslut” with several other models. Did Steve Olson hit on you during the filming of the mini segment?
If asking me for the other girl’s numbers counts as hitting on them then yes.

Had you ever skated completely naked before?
Nope. And just like skating, its really not a smart idea.

So for the downhill segment I assume you are wearing clothes? How does the plot line turn into taking off all your clothes?
Oh we stripped down to the raw in the downhill segment too but I won’t let you get off to the plot summary. You will have to check it out the video.

Have you ever been called a “skirtboarder” before?

If you could pick up a sponsorship from one company which one would it be?
Vans because I would really like them to make pink Half-Cab’s in my size (women’s 7, hint hint)

Best looking skateboard tricks you wish you could do?
I would freaking love to be able to do loud back-side disasters and long, clean smith grinds some day.

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Words: James Lee
All photos courtesy of Joanna Mahaffy
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