Most people understand that 90% of skateboarding is in “the look“. You got Rob Dyrdek’s race car driver style, Corey Duffel’s 14 year old Hot Topic shopping spree getup and Antwuan Dixon’s a printer just shit all over my face gimmick. Simon Bingham of No Comply Skateboarding knows this, and goes into the 4 looks which can help you fit right into the wild world of skateboarding.

After watching the video, I was upset that such an informative instructional video did not go into more detail about the “skater styles”. I went ahead and added on some information, for all those who need the next step. Expert Village can thank me later.

Hesh/Rasta Skaters: Pretend to be vegan, but slip in some hotdogs or baloney when no ones looking. If you can, be white and get dreads or have dirty, unwatched hair so it just looks like you have a dirty knotted carpet on your head. Rasta hat a must, if not, wristbands are a close second. Talk about Jah, Irie, Iwa and and pretend you aren’t from Westchester.

Rap: Wear as much DGK gear as possible, and never leave to go skating without a proper fitted. Clothes can either go two ways – trendy blipster or 90’s street skater. Have mad pop – mostly on ollies or shove it variations (front shovs are a must) and land shit a tad sloppy. Make sure to pull up your baggy pants before doing those flips to make sure your giant cock isn’t in the way. Remember to throw in a crotch grab here or there for good measure. Just like in the 90’s!

Punk/Metal: This one’s easy – love Satan. It’s your job to let everyone else know about it by shoving it in their face. This can be done with tattoos, wearing pentagram shirts, or at very least, hanging out with other people that wear a lot of black. The more black, ripped and worn out clothing you have, the better you’re going to look. Try to give the camera middle fingers at all times, open mouthed, raging. If you want the more punk edge, just wear more leather and more spikes and spit at things a lot more. Remember Greco’s opener in Misled Youth? PUNK!

Casual Skater:
You do it for the love of skateboarding. You’ve moved on a bit, you have your job doing something you hate (anything from construction to teaching), but just casually cruising by the spot to shred abit after work. Helps to be old man range 30+, and act like your “over” the trends. If possible, skate with 15 and 16 year old’s and showoff with some no complys and boneless’s. Then start every sentence with “back in the day..”

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Words: James Lee
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  1. elly

    February 8, 2014 10:59 pm

    skating is about having fun.from what i see here is making up shit. lol

  2. Rick Moranis

    March 6, 2014 12:41 am

    Holy shit the grammar here is terrible. Who hired this guy?

  3. Critic

    March 17, 2014 7:09 pm

    this is the second article ive read on jenkem by James Lee. the two have been very similar in that they follow the same structure.first,choose some generic topic about skating and skaters.second,establish approximately five general profiles that you think encompasses all types of skaters under the topic.third,create descriptions of the profiles in a very close-minded way that also sounds sarcastic and insulting to anyone who fits that profile.lastly,add in skateboard culture and pop culture references possibly to compensate for the lack of depth…i finished reading this article and was not only disappointed, but also, found that it was all too similar to another article i read on “types of skaters you meet in college”.i went back and found that article,and surprise surprise…it was also by James of the best things about being a skateboarder is that you do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be;this author clearly does not know how to respect that idea.however,what was more insulting than the author’s own unresolved, self-esteem issues was how little substance there was in an article on a website as popular as jenkem.since this is only the second article that i have come across by this author,i will conclude my rant.

  4. baggy clothes

    August 5, 2014 4:32 pm

    i’m white, and i wear extremely baggy clothes, i listen to hip hop and punk rock, my punk friends wear baggy too


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